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"Let us settle ourselves, and work and wedge our feet downward through the mud and slush of opinion, and prejudice, and tradition, and delusion, and appearance ... through Church and State, through poetry and philosophy and religion, till we come to a hard bottom and rocks in place, which we can call reality ... and then begin, having a point d'appui, below freshet and frost and fire, a place where you might found a wall or a state, or set a lamp-post safely ... that future ages might know how deep a freshet of shams and appearances had gathered from time to time."

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Peach Berry Green Smoothie

Posted on Sep 26, 2014 by in Health, Recipes & Food | 0 comments

This is my favorite green smoothie recipe, I think you could let anyone try this and they would like it, even if you surprised them by letting them know about a third of it was spinach afterwards.


  • 1.5 – 2 cups spinach
  • .5-1 cup Snapple Peach Tea
  • 3 Berry Mix Frozen from Costco (Blueberries, Marionberry, Raspberries) or make your own mix with other frozen berries
  • 1 Banana – it helps to let it get nice and ripe with a lot of brown spots


Blend in a blender, my favorite is the NutriBullet.

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